We welcome everybody on a site dedicated to freshwater shrimps.

Those beautiful animals amazed us with their behavior, shape, variety of colors, number of strains and easiness in breeding. We believe that everyone, who will see them live, will go crazy about them just like we did. It is well known that what is beautiful will least beautiful only if it has appropriate conditions and care. This site was made so that shrimps that live in our tanks felt good, breed and have the best possible conditions.

We would like to thank people who helped us in creating this site: Chris Lukhaup - for inspiration, beautiful photos and merytorical help. Jakub Olszewski - for persistence in doing drawings, Micha Kopysty雟ki - for bringing everything alltogether and patience in working with nutty people (that mean us:)), our friends-aquarists - for letting us to use their pictures (Too Old, Belin, Norbert Sabat), Micha Paczkowski - for translating the site into English. We also want to thank our shrimp - just for being soooooooo beautiful :)

Jackie Sawicka and Pawe Szewczak

       We are proud to present our book about freshwater shrimp in aquariums, published by Ambra and available in AtollZoo. Information (in Polish) about where to buy the book is here: http://www.ambra-cd.pl/ksiazki/krewetkis.html

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